4 tips for a Good Morning Routine

Put your phone down! — a study by Business Fibre UK suggests that the average time spent using the internet on ANY device is 5-6 hours! Try to avoid social media and emails until after you are out of bed to give your mind a slower start to the day.⁣⁣

Drink a glass of water — rehydrating your body helps promote blood flow and releases toxins from your system. Don’t forget that your body hasn’t had any water for many hours while you’re asleep so make drinking water a top priority.⁣⁣

Wake up at a consistent time each day — working from home makes things a lot flexible, however, your time is limited in a day. A consistent body clock prevents tiredness and you’ll feel a lot more refreshed for the day.⁣⁣⠀

Don’t rush your morning — it’s so easy to roll out of bed exactly at the time you need to be ready before your first meeting; we’ve all been there! Allow ample time to wake up and ease into your day. Just five minutes of stretching, reflection, or sitting in silence will help set your mind ahead of the day.⁣⁣
What are your morning routines?

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