Remote Workers: The Best Technologies for Effective Project Management

Prioritising work has never been more important and working remotely can make it challenging to identify the tasks that are most important.

While a simple to-do list has its benefits to write action items, effective project management requires far more.

Effective project management spans many areas:

  • Time Management
  • Team Resourcing
  • Defining any Sub-tasks
  • File Management
  • Team collaboration

How does Technology play a part in Project Management?

Having the right project management technology can significantly reduce the complexities in completing tasks in an effective manner. Here is our project management technologies shortlist with a short summary to help you become more effective as you work from home.


Combines elements of project management, file storage, and collaboration and helps to manage projects across a team without email.

A powerful Project Management software, helps teams plan together and execute projects that deliver results on time.


A cross-platform issue and bug tracking software with advanced project management capabilities and features Microsoft Project Created to help project managers in planning development, distributing resources, tracking progress and analysing work volumes.


Built on the Japanese management "kanban" principle, which involves consistent monitoring of all production phases. It is a great tool for standard projects and is convenient for both command directives and individual assignments.


A tool that can help build a huge knowledge base for project managers. It can be used to create to-do lists and store all kinds of information about your projects in files and notes.


Designed for thousands of project management teams, who enjoy its modern social media-like interface and carefree team collaboration features.

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