The Secret to The Best Home Office Design

What should you be thinking about for your home office?

A quick look online these days and social media is full of advice on working from home. Everyone from lawyers, estate agents, IT and stationery companies (these were genuinely all found in a two minute search of #workingfromhome on Twitter and there were many others) seem to be experts on “how to” for various topics.

There was even a T-shirt company extolling the virtues of dressing up for work, and the stationery company was even trying to convince me that I would be less than fully productive if I wasn’t using a certain pen, oh come on!

Whilst I understand the obvious opportunity that exists for a lot of companies that you wouldn’t immediately associate with working from home, the problem is, that as more and more of them issue advice, it all becomes a bit overwhelming. How many tips do I really need to aid concentration, is it 5 or 10?

If a wellness consultant gives me 5 ways to stay focused during the day, is that more or less valuable than a CEO giving me 10 tips on staying motivated? It’s all very confusing. 

My one and only tip I will give you is basic - Keep It Simple! 

From the basics of making sure you have the correct desk to the intricacies of staying sane in the ‘new normal’ it really pays to keep it simple. Don’t let others distract you and over-complicate matters with jargon or confuse you with conflicting advice. 

Keeping it Simple is what we do here - hence the name - and is what I’ll be trying to do as I navigate through the problems, dilemmas and frustrations of working from home. 

So, what experience do I have in this remote working malarkey? Well, I have been working in various locations around the world for nearly thirty years now (crikey, is it that long?), from places as exotic as Singapore, Kazakhstan and South Korea to working in temporary containers in some of the roughest shipyards in Africa. On top of that I’ve worked for a number of years remotely both at home, and elsewhere.

Over that amount of time I’ve picked up a lot of ‘best practice’ tips and hints to make things a little bit better. I’ll try and pass on some of that knowledge to you as you read this blog so hopefully you’ll not have to go through some of the disasters I’ve had to. 

3 Tips for a Simple Home Office Set-up

To kick things off, here are three basic tips on how you can improve your work space: 

  1. Organised - having the right furniture to allow you to store papers and stationery makes for a happy working environment. It doesn’t need to be expensive - some old cardboard boxes could be used (an upcycling project for children?) 
  2. It’s the little things - having a handy desk organiser for pens, paper clips, post it notes and other items makes for a tidy desk and they are easily found for that impromptu Zoom meeting when you have to take some notes.
  3. Daily Clean - at the end of the day - try and tidy away as much as possible, get filing up to date, and leave a clean desk, ready for an easy and productive start first thing the next work day. 

Do you have any questions about working from home that you would like to ask, or have you any recommendations for articles you would like written about? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. 

Author: Dave Woodward, Home Office Helps - A blog covering the best in home office equipment.

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